A selection of relevant current publications we have been involved in

European Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF)

The ECSF provides 12 typical cybersecurity professional role profiles along with their identified titles, missions, tasks, skills, knowledge, competences.

The main purpose of this framework published by ENISA is to create a common understanding between individuals, employers and providers of learning programmes across EU Member States, making it a valuable tool to bridge the gap between the cybersecurity professional workplace and learning environments.

A Software Skills Strategy for Europe

To bridge the software skills gap, the European Software Skills Alliance (ESSA) has launched its first draft of a Software Skills Strategy for Europe — it is a steppingstone to answering the lack of software professionals and the future market demand for software skills.

European e-Competence Framework (EN16234 e-CF)

A common European Framework for ICT professionals in all sectors.

Up-to-date, European-agreed and in line with latest market needs. The EN16234 e-CF standard published by CEN provides a shared European language on ICT professional competences, knowledge, skills and proficiency levels for application by all IT stakeholder and market perspectives.

European ICT Professional Role Profiles (CWA 16458 ICT Profiles)

A generic set of typical roles performed by IT Professionals in any organisation, covering the full range of ICT business processes, and using the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) as the basis for competence identification. The CWA (CEN Workshop Agreement) is published by CEN.

The 30 ICT Profiles give a sound basis and starting point for any organisation to develop more context-specific ICT profiles according to specific needs. The profiles can be used from multiple perspectives and for a broad range of purposes. These include HR planning, recruitment, digital transformation process support, curriculum design and qualification promotion.

e-CF and ICT Profiles Explorer

Navigate through the e-CF and ICT Profiles with the e-CF Explorer, an interactive tool provided by ITPE/ CEPIS.

Foundational Body of Knowledge for the ICT Profession (EN17748 ICT BoK)

An up-to-date common European reference of 42 knowledge units as required and applied in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professional work environment that can be understood across Europe. The standard is published by CEN.

A series of Annexes allow user-targeted ICT BoK navigation according to particular viewpoint. Each knowledge unit can be accessed by unit relevant ICT macro-processes / e-CF areas, e-CF competences, ICT Profiles and knowledge domains.

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